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Email Safety Tips
  • Don't share your password with anyone. Most reputable ISPs and server administrators never ask for your password. Know your network. If an email asks for your password, do not respond.

  • Update browser and email programs frequently

  • Do not open attachments. Period. If someone you don't know sends attachments, don't open them. If someone you know sends attachments, don't up unless you are expecting it.

  • Automatically delete email from unknown sources

  • Do not respond to spam, ignore and delete and/or forward it to appropriate department. Responding to spam lets the sender know that you have an active, valid email address.

  • Log out of your email account. If you are using a public terminal close the browser before you leave.

  • Email or popup asking for personal information, do not reply, click or respond.

  • Install and keep current any antivirus and firewall protections. Phishing email may contain harmful viruses.

  • Know legitimate emails from third parties and the security policies in how your email will be used