No - Don't Use:

  • First, middle, last names or initials
  • Social security numbers or birthdays
  • Names of friends, family, or pets
  • Place names, addresses or phone numbers
  • Whole words from any dictionary
  • Sequence/repetition of numbers/letters
    (11,22,33 - asdf or fdsa - 3,2,1)
  • Names: username, login, computer name
  • Any other personal information that could be guessed
  • Duplicate the same and password for multiple accounts

Yes - Do Use:

  • Special characters or punctuation as @#$%&! ?._+=
  • Mix random upper AND lower case letters throughout the password
  • Mix random numbers with letters
  • Make up nonsense words that are easy to pronounce and not in the dictionary
  • Eight or more mixed characters
  • Change passwords frequently at least every other month.
  • Different login accounts should have completely different passwords.
  • Create a "Super Password" of 12 characters for optimum security.


Also to note: Security Questions

  • It is best to write your own question
  • Choose unlikely and non-obvious answers.
  • Example: "What is your mother's maiden name?" Answer: Tropical Forest