A firewall is security barrier which is either a hardware or software application to protect your computer resources and networks. It enforces security policies and precautions much like a lock on a door of your house or building. Firewalls allow only those with special access to enter protecting you from offensive web sites, potential hackers and crackers. It is worth the time and investment to install proper security measures.

Reasons for Firewall Protection

  • Backdoor Applications that allow remote/hidden access, bugs, viruses, trojans

  • SMTP Highjacking that gains access to email lists for spam and email redirections

  • Remote Access/Login applications that allow the user to control the computer

  • System/Browser faults that allow breaches of access and malicious operations

  • Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and redirect bombs can be detected and blocked.

  • Email bombs are a personal attacks of hundreds of emails overloading the system

  • Macros other programmable operations that allow malicious scripts to run

  • Firewalls disable source routing that hackers may take advantage of.

  • Viruses, worms, trojans, and other downloadable malware

  • SPAM junk email that contain harmful applications