Registering a specific domain name gives the fullest web impact; Memory recall, Product association, Who-Is lookup and tailored pricing

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A Domain Name registration gives you your URL address, such as mycompany.com. A domain name, gives you the fullest web impact for personal or business use. Lecticom can also counsel you on the best name to choose for your web site for the greatest memory impact and usability. It's important to make your url name easy to remember as well as being associated with your business, product or service.

Registering a specific domain name gives the fullest web impact.

* Memory recall
* Product association
* Who-Is lookup
* Tailored pricing



.com - Commercial Enterprises
.gov - Government Associations
.edu - Educational Institutions
.mil - Military Organizations
.net - Network Organizations
.org - Organizations, usually reserved for non-profit groups
.biz - Business
.name - Name
.info - Information
.tv - Television
.ca - Canada has a different domain naming standard based on Canadian geographic location. If this extension applies to you, please see Registering a DOT.CA domain name

For further information:
Structure and Rules for Canadian Domain Names

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding your domain names or domain name registration we would be happy to assist you.