It is important to frequently change Name-Passwords, Be aware of URLS, Keep private information private

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Internet Security Tips

The internet and computers allow access to a variety of information from financial management to ordering products, from travel arrangements to entertainment. More than any other time in history, information and resources are at our fingertips and a few clicks away. This is truly the Information Age.

Along with this rapid progression of technology there are concerns and precautions that need to be implemented in order to keep your personal information safe. Securing your computer with stong passwords, and updating virus protections and firewalls are a major part of internet security. However, precautions need to be taken in regards to email security, id protection, and within online communities where private information can be shared.


General Computer Safety

  • Be aware of urls, look for @ symbol which could indicate a fraudulent web site.

  • Be cautious, don't share share personal information with anyone you meet through the Internet.

  • Adjust browser settings to prompt you when a web site tries to install programs and applications, Active X or any exe files.

  • Internet businesses that capture private information should show an "https:" in the url as well as the Padlock icon

  • Be aware of "orphan" pages. If you cannot locate the home page for your company, or "under construction" or appears different than you know it to be, be cautious and call a customer service representative

  • "Bookmark" trusted web sites that use personal information

  • Carefully read all End User Licensing Agreements and avoid downloading software when licensing agreements are difficult to understand.

  • Everything you read online may or may not be true