We implement various web tools to reach your audience. Easy set up and affordable rates and packages available.

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Web Hosting

Lecticom Services offers fast, friendly, and reliable web site hosting options. Not only do we provide server space we provide a suite of tools to help you build and maintain your Web site. We offer top-notch support to your account questions and any changes are dealt with quickly and professionally. Finally, all of these features are available at very competitive rates with a variety of packages that suit your needs.

Not only do you get everything you need in a hosting package, we use Cpanel Technology to bring you comprehensive tools to manage your account. For a demonstration of Cpanel's features please »click here.

We offer all of the tools you need for supporting your questions and answers. All clients receive a unique email address that directly links to your Lecticom Services representative for direct access for all customer service questions.

We also have an online 24 Hour Customer Support system for any questions you may have.

An added feature that Lecticom offers is a temporary "Work in Progress" web page so you can start using the URL address right away. This gives you time to get your web site content uploaded. Every hit you get on the site is a potential customer, and we understand this.


Multiple Domains

Another valuable feature we offer our clients who own multiple domains is the option of pointing the domains. Pointing domains to your web site means that all the domain/urls are under one account for easy management and optimum control. Each domain name has a true independent account so you can monitor, track, update and view statistics individually. All of the hosting features are still applicable for each pointed domain.

Lecticom Services can set this up for you so you can attend to other important matters.


Our Network Hosting Features and Reliability
  • We have a 99.998% uptime
    • 99.5% is the network's Guaranteed Uptime policy
  • The Network is Verified by Safe Shopping Network™
    • Official Safety Scores are 99/100 - The Safe Shopping Network screens and tests sites to help consumers decide which sites are safe to shop at
  • 99.998% Facility Infrastructure Guarantee
    • All network facilities: functionality including power, physical security, environment, and fire protection.
  • 99.5% Database Server Guarantee
    • Our Database mySQL Server Clustering Solution protects customers' database services from network, hardware, operating system, and database service failures, ensuring the highest Web database availability.
  • 99.5% Web Server Guarantee
    • Our local and distributed load balancing and mirroring solutions protect customer Web servers from network, hardware, operating system, and Web server application service failures ensuring optimum Web server performance and availability


Why Choose Lecticom Hosting Services?
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction
    • Our team works together to make that possible. Whether it's walking you through a domain transfer or account setup
  • Full Account Control
    • You manage all aspects of your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - administer your disk storage, email accounts, directories, cgi-bin, and all the additional features that are offered
  • Feature-rich hosting for a sensible price
    • All of our accounts come with a generous list of standard features, along with almost infinite expandability, and service from our fast, caring, and professional Customer Care team
  • Fast setup and considerate billing
    • Accounts established in one day with a variety of payment options available, whichever is easiest for you.
  • Low-Site:Server ratio
    • With high performance servers and a low site-to-server ratio, your site will load fast even during peak usage.
  • Connectivity
    • Our servers are connected to multiple Internet backbones, ensuring that our servers are in close proximity to you and your visitors.
  • Reliability
    • All our servers and the components that make up our network are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We use only reliable and scaleable hardware which is why we only use the highest quality servers for all Web and e-mail serving.
  • Speed
    • our Web and e-mail servers utilise Intel® processing power and reliable, fast hard drives for optimal performance. All data is carried over our switched 100Mb internal network and delivered by Cisco® routers
  • Valuable Added Features
    • We run a web-based e-mail client, which allows you to check e-mail from anywhere in the world. We offer full telnet and ssh access, and virtually unrestricted command line use along with running web interface for MySQL databases. We're ready to adapt to meet your needs. Just let us know.
  • Honesty
    • We have no hidden charges whatsoever - what you see is what you pay. You should be aware of very cheap or free services provided by other web sites, chances are there will be some untold hidden costs somewhere. Web space in particular could come with pop-up adverts and the hosting company's own banners - not ideal for the professional web site you're looking for!


Acceptable Use Policy and Service Guidelines
We work the Imhosted company to bring you the best hosting available. Lecticom strictly follows the acceptable use and terms of service as set forth by the Imhosted administration. We are bound to and will comply with Imhosted policies.